For Life Insurance agents & Financial Advisors...

test-drive our Business Owner client acquisition System for 7 days and if you don't like it - Don't Buy it!

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Client Case Studies

Sylvain Made $108.4k in 174 days

He invested $5,397.95 in ad spend, got 352 qualified business owner leads, 8 deals closed ($45k, $6.2k, $12.7k $9k, $10k,$6.5k, $12k, $6k) $108.4k in commissions in 6 months

Tanya Made $93k in 60 days

She invested $3037.46 in Facebook ads, got 107 business owner leads, 23 live appointment, 3 deals closed ($30.3k + $43.3k + $20k), for a total of $93,630 in commissions in 60 days.

Sam & Sandra Made $144k in 196 days

They invested $6,560.08 in ad spend, 371 qualified Business owners leads, 6 deals closed ($35k, $8k, $15k, $36k,$22k, $28k) $144k in commissions in less than 7 months.

Anne-Elisabeth Made $49.4k in 50 days

She invested $1,369.77 in ad spend, got 113 qualified business owner leads, 25 live appointments, 8 follow up booked, 3 deals closed ($25k + $22k + $2.4k)

Thomas Made $389k in 200 days

He invested $7180 in ad spend, got 359 qualified business owner leads, closed 3 policies for $39k in commission + a huge incorporated dentist for $350k

All you have to do is say "Maybe" and you can try our services for 7 days before you even fully commit to anything....

After working with over 1000 life insurance agents we still believe in giving value first, by giving you a test-drive, getting you hooked by the results, and then retaining you as a client!

Now, why can we be bold like this? It’s simple… look at our track record:

Sylvain Made $108.4k in 174 days

Tanya Made $93k in 60 days

Sam & Sandra Made $144k in 196 days

Anne-Elisabeth Made $49.4k in 50 days

And those are all verified case studies that you can watch by scrolling up on this page!

So, if that’s all you need to see and you want to speak with our team…

book a call below and we’ll demo with you how this works. 

Again we literally have no incentive to sell you on anything if we can't help you because again, if it doesn’t work, we’ll lose time and money. 

Now, if you want to know WHY this works so well… there’s one reasons: LEVERAGE

What most agents do is the low commission, high volume method, they try to sell 100 policies/year at $1000 dollars each, and only end up making $100k.

So they spend a lot of time and energy chasing irresponsible people around,  who don’t understand the value of their service.

That’s fine if you want to make 100k, but you won’t get to a million that way. There’s just not enough time in a day to sell 1000 policies in a year.

Once you reach $100-$200k per year, if you want to scale, and keep your sanity you need the high commission, low volume method, that means only selling 40 clients per year that bring you $25,000 each.

All of a sudden you’re making $1,000,000/year and you're not working more!

Now I know what you're thinking...the hard part is finding those 40 clients…

And this is why we take ALL of that work off of your plate…

We let you use a concept called leverage which allows you to use a system that's been proven 100s of times, that has generated millions of dollars in revenue over the last 3 years.

And we give it to you on a silver platter…so you can get a full calendar within the next week and even potentially see some green numbers in the next 30 days...

Now remember, it’s the case exact system that helped

Sylvain Make $108.4k in 174 days working 5-10 hours a week on this system…

Tanya Make $93k in 60 days even though she fell from a horse and broke her tailbone in the first 2 weeks that she joined…

Sam & Sandra Made $144k in 196 days, and nothing happened to them. They were perfectly fine! 

Anne-Elisabeth Made $49.4k in 50 days from only $1,369.77 invested in ad spend!

Bottom line is, you'll never have a second opportunity like this to have a risk free test drive on system that can literally pay you millions of dollars in the next few years...

If you're still reading this and you haven't booked a call yet...

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Choose A Time That Works for You👇

For Life Insurance Agents & Financial Advisors...

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