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100+ Potential Recruits Per Month Or We Pay Your Ads And Work For Free.

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Insurance Agency Builders: We build you a fully automated A.I. recruiting system and if you don’t get more than 100 potential recruits per month, we’ll run the system for free for you and pay your ads until you do!

Our company has worked with over 1000 insurance agency builders in the last 3 years and we have hundreds of verified case studies, testimonials and client wins on our website.

So essentially, we will guarantee you three key results… 

#1 - You’ll get over 100 qualified candidates per month using our proven social media recruiting funnels…

We are currently testing 100s of different ads and spending over $100k/month on recruiting campaigns so that you can skip all of that boring process and immediately start running the top-performing campaigns in your niche and market.

#2 - You’ll get to use our A.I. assistant “Amanda” to pre-qualify every potential recruit for you and turn them into 50+ solid recruiting appointments per month.

We’ve been booking 1000s of appointments per month for years now! So we’ve developed a very efficient way to maximize candidates automatically booking on your calendar and showing up on time, with the right expectations about what will be covered in the meeting.

These A.I. are using a qualification process that we call “The Big 3”, which makes sure anyone booked on your calendar has 3 things in common:

A) They are looking for an opportunity to start their own small business in financial services.

B) They know it will be 100% commission-based.

C) They understand this is not a 9-5 job so they will be making their own schedule.

This pre-qualification process allows you to stop wasting time with people who are looking for a job, and instead maximize the time you are spending with people who are looking for what you have to offer them.

#3 - You’ll get access to our private community of Insurance Agency Builders Including optional weekly meeting access with 7-figure insurance agency builders & mentors.

Not only will you be able to see other agents openly sharing their wins & success stories from the exact same system you’ll get access to, but you’ll also be able to meet with them and get access to their blueprints on exactly what they did to get the results your want.

And this is how we can comfortably GUARANTEE you an extra 100 potential recruits per month.

Again, if we put this system in place and you don’t get the results, we’ll pay for your ads and work for free until you get the promised result!

Now, why can we make such a bold promise? It’s simple…look at our track record: 

Adrienne R. went from 1-2 recruits/month to 11 recruits in 45 days as an executive director.

Sylvain C. went from 1 recruit/month to 15 recruits in 90 days and now 12 months later, he’s doing 30+ recruits/per month as a senior marketing director.

Tasso A. (Executive Director) recruited 10 people in the first 60 days of working with us, despite getting 0 results for the past 6 months he’d working with a different marketing agency.

Stephany (Marketing Director) is also doing 60+ recruits per year with this system.

Vansh (Senior Marketing Director) recruited more than 30 agents in 90 days using this system. 

By the way, these are all verified case studies showcased on our full website.

So, if that’s all you need to hear and you want to speak with us…book a call below and we’ll demo with you how this works. 

Now again, we have no incentive to sell you anything if we don’t believe we can help you because if it doesn’t work, we’re gonna be the ones losing our time and money! 

Now, if you want to know WHY this works so well…there’s one reason: LEVERAGE

What most agents do is warm market prospecting, or manual cold market prospecting on Facebook, Instagram, job search sites, and LinkedIn…

So they spend a lot of time and resources doing that, instead of spending that time recruiting agents and closing clients.

So what we do is we take ALL of that prospecting work off your plate…

And Instead, let you leverage a system that’s been proven to work 100s of times and has generated 1000s of recruits and millions of dollars for our clients over the last 3 years.

So it’s not rocket science if you can spend less time prospecting, and more time doing sales and recruiting appointments, you will make more money than you currently do…so if you're still watching this video and you haven't booked a time yet, go ahead and book a call right now.

Just take a moment to imagine what it would be like to finally take your business where you want it to go...

Ridiculously fast and with incredible leverage!

Book a call and I’ll see you on the other side...


We build you a fully automated A.I. recruiting system and if you don’t get more than 100 potential recruits per month, we’ll run the system for free for you and pay your ads until you do!

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